What can I expect when I visit?

Below are a series of commonly asked questions for first-time visitors

  • What is the service like?

    The worship service at Redeemer Community is casual but structured and centered on Christ. We have guitar-lead worship that features a mix of psalms, hymns, and praise songs. There are responsive readings that call the congregation to worship and to profess what they believe. The sermon (usually around 35 minutes) is expository and Christ-centered. The service typically lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • How Should I Dress?

    You should dress however feels comfortable to you. You will see everything from shirts and ties to jeans and t-shirts.

  • Are there programs for my children?

    All children are encouraged to attend the worship service. However, there is a room available for you to be with your child and still listen to the service.

    For Sunday school, there is a children's class. Older children (middle school and up) are encouraged to attend Sunday school with the adult class.